A visionary artisan research in which Piero Monitillo, through the wise use of natural stone, declines the internal space with the external one through a series of design products.
His careful and sensitive creations fit perfectly into the current social-cultural moment that requires, today more than ever, not a time of growth but a time of attention.

And particular attention is paid to products that are placed
in the outdoor world, intended not only as a large open space but in a broader vision. Designing these artifacts using innovative technologies means being able to overcome the limits and boundaries of enclosed physical and mental spaces, letting the natural environment be perceived and experienced as a family space, a stimulus to autonomy and
a generator of lasting change.

Today, being visionary “artisans” means designing artifacts that must fit into our living environment by subtracting and not adding, slowing down and not accelerating, giving us the value of silence, light and products that contain aesthetics, functionality and above all morality.


Pavimento Diamante—T
Designer Piero Monitillo
Year 2019

Rivestimento Exa
Designer Giovanni Pesce
Year 2012

Lavello Corbis
Designer Carlo Martino
Year 2015

Lavello Goccia
Designer Piero Monitillo
Year 2020

Seduta La Murgia Down
Designer Piero Monitillo
Year 2018

Seduta La Murgia Up
Designer Piero Monitillo
Year 2018

Fioriera Scoglio
Designer Piero Monitillo
Year 2020


Rivestimento Geo—Cerchio
Designer Roberto Marcatti
Year 2021

Rivestimento Geo—Quadrato
Designer Roberto Marcatti
Year 2021

Rivestimento Geo—Triangolo
Designer Roberto Marcatti
Year 2021

Lavabo Slim
Designer Piero Monitillo
Year 2010



Sale of customized natural stone products

Stone project consultancy to assist the customer, for the personalization of details and the perfect
execution-installation. progetto di affiancamento al cliente, per la personalizzazione di dettaglio e la perfetta esecuzione-installazione.


Artisan process design Litics & Construction

Technical-Managerial consultancy from the use of 2D-3D CAD software, CAM software for CNC machines to the LEAN approach (quantity-time-quality control).


Installation and maintenance

Advice to the end user who requires targeted intervention guided by the project.


Rapid prototyping with 3D printing

Model production service with various types of filament to test and share the feasibility of the object before production guided by the project.


Digital surveys with laser scanner and drone

Digital service that allows you to have the construction site in the office.


Point cloud survey processing

Digital service that, through the use of specific software, returns the existing digitally in the office.

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Pad. 129

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